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What's in it for you?
Marketing isn't getting any easier, and it isn't getting any simpler either. More and more, marketers must rely on trusting relationships with multiple marketing services agencies to cope with today's constant change and to deliver the returns with which they are tasked.
But building effective and trusting relationships isn't easy either. Whatever a brand's particular business needs might be, getting the best value from an agency means accessing the right agency talent with appropriate processes to harness their ability most effectively.
How to Buy a Gorilla categorises the different kinds of advertising a marketer may need and then provides a unique framework - The Monkey House - whereby marketers can build relevant, constructive, productive relationships with their agencies, thus maximising the value of their investments in them. 
Training and workshops based on The Monkey House are also available specifically for marketing. Please contact us to find out more
For procurement professionals, How to Buy a Gorilla provides the most useful and insightful guide available with which to navigate the complexities of buying and managing marketing services resourcess. Most importantly,  How to Buy a Gorilla explains how procurement business models and strategies can be intelligently applied to better manage marketing investments for greater returns regardless of the nature of the business problem needing to be solved.
Using practical and actionable steps, the strategic framework The Monkey House provides the means by which procurement can make tangible, constructive contributions to the marketing process, from supplier relationship management and process design to agency sourcing, selection and remuneration.
Training and workshops based on The Monkey House are also available specifically for procurement. Please contact us to find out more
How to Buy a Gorilla is impartial to the specific business needs of agencies, but The Monkey House recognises that clients will always struggle to get more for less without increasing their risk .
For agencies, How to Buy a Gorilla, maps out precisely why clients get the work they deserve and what agencies and clients can do about it. The book creates a clear and logical path from the nature of the brand's business problem to the way agencies are managed, incentivised and remunerated, thereby ensuring that agencies are working under the best possible conditions to deliver optimal value for their client.
Although How to Buy a Gorilla has been written with creative advertising agencies in mind, the principles and models it proposes are applicable to all marketing services agencies that represent investments rather than costs to their clients, i.e. those from which the clients' returns may be variable.
Training and workshops based on The Monkey House are also available specifically for agencies. Please contact us to find out more
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