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  • David Meikle

Are you choosing an agency or getting the leftovers?

As agency tenure has declined the new business market for agencies has, of course, naturally increased.

In a busy new business market, the better agencies have to choose more carefully which pitch invitations to accept - they can’t afford to go after everything.

But agencies are repeatedly told their market is oversupplied, and advertisers approach it like it's a buyers’ market. Ironically, is a shorter average agency tenure making it more of a sellers’ market?

And, if so, are advertisers looking for new agencies acting accordingly, or are they only getting the agencies that don’t turn down their offers to pitch?

And how transparent is this process? If intermediaries are doing a good job, why is tenure decreasing in the first place? Or are agencies to blame? Or the clients? Or all of the above?

Having the right pitch process can be the difference between choosing which agency you want and getting the best of those that are left over and still sufficiently interested.

Which does your process deliver?

David Meikle - Author/Founder

How to Buy a Gorilla – How to find, pay and work with ad agencies for better results.

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