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One month in – stressed yet?

To most of us, the rest and recuperation we had to varying degrees over Christmas is but a dim and ever distant memory, but many in the business sector will be already be experiencing work-related stress, not least those in marketing and marketing services. As we all know, extreme stress can be very damaging to your physical and mental health. And make no mistake, stress can be a killer. So, I wanted to share how I manged to significantly reduce my own stress levels in the hope that it might help others in similar circumstances. (And I’m not virtue signalling here, I’m shamelessly plugging how this led to one of the pillars of my marketing model in How to Buy a Gorilla, but maybe you’ll enjo

Groundhog day.

My cynical predictions for 2018 are: That most business leaders will dig out their plans for 2017, change the date to 2018 and little else. Most, not all. That most people in marketing and advertising will continue to do what they think they should be seen to be doing (especially if it’s new and shiny), rather than what they think is genuinely the right thing to do. Most, not all. That too few managers will speak truth to power when asked or instructed to do the wrong thing or to accept conditions or demands that are unacceptable. That those doing 1 will be repeating behaviour and hoping for a different result – and we all know what that means … That those doing 2 will have their eye off the