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How do you solve a problem like marketing procurement?

Well, in all fairness, probably not by starting with an antagonistic headline like this one. Marketing procurement repeatedly seems to comes under fire, being widely criticised for “not getting” advertising, for “hamstringing marketing”, “gutting agencies” of their fee revenues, and so on and so forth. Cost of everything, value of nothing, blah blah and so it goes on. And some marketing procurement folk are reacting badly, even indignantly dare I say? The first smart step when responding to an accusation like “how do you solve a problem like marketing procurement?” is, of course, to not respond emotionally. Instead, it’s better to recognise that generalisations or abstract argument is usuall

Three ways to get better at your job. A rant.

Read a book. And another. Repeat step 1. No, seriously. Would you hire an architect who hadn’t read about architecture? Or a lawyer who hadn’t studied law – who had just “picked it up they went along” or said they “learnt on the job” or “just had a really good feel for it”? No, nor would I. If people spent less time shallow surfing memes and soundbites on social media and spent more time on in-depth learning about their respective fields, and others’, they would all get better at their jobs. The number of people working in advertising, marketing, design, media and ‘digital’ who have NEVER studied their own industry is utterly astounding. If more people were to read on the bus, train, or tube