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We don't need Einstein to solve Client/Agency relationship problems

Einstein once sagely noted, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” As obvious as that might seem it is perhaps not so obvious to the marketing and advertising worlds, which appear to continue repeating their aggressive/defensive behaviour when they both wish for different and better results – at least according to the findings I’ve seen from the IPA report “From Mad Men to Sad Men”. (Campaign 24.07.15 From Mad Men to Sad Men). The results of this report probably come as no surprise to most, but here are some hopefully useful insights about the state of the client/agency relationship from somebody (namely me) who has spent the last few years

If I could only ask one question in an advertising pitch

There was a time when it was enough to have a reasonable non-vocational degree from a reasonable university to make it in the advertising business – because you could learn the rest on the job. You’d learn about advertising strategies and ways of working, you’d learn about marketing, and you’d pick the rest up through some sort of process of osmosis. And on top of that you’d get a bit of training once every couple of years. It’s not enough though, really, is it? And I doubt it ever has been enough. Things have improved a lot, not least thanks to the continued efforts of the IPA. You can now tell the agencies that take learning seriously. They’ll have gold or even platinum IPA accreditations